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Hey guys, just your friendly neighbourhood website guy giving you the low-down of the month’s platform antics!

We’ve partnered with Sendgrid who will now deliver emails sent from the platform (not individual sites) so I can better track deliverability & usage. Sendgrid can be used to deliver emails from sub-sites, just open up a support ticket or get in touch to request it.

The Pricing structure has been slightly adjusted for new customers. It’s not a huge change but it should help mitigate the rising costs of running the business. I mentioned last month we had to double our server resources which also doubled the running costs, so this small increase should help make up for that.

March also saw the launch of a few new sites on the platform, and I’ve also been pretty busy working on several site designs for new customers.

Now let’s get down to business..

Comodo Verified SSL certificates can now be purchased for your websites. The types of certificates available, pricing, and descriptions for SSL certificates have also been updated to better clarify what you’re paying for and help you choose the right SSL certificate for your site. Take a look in your account dashboard.

Following on from last month’s admin bar updates, you’ll now find quick access to your website’s orders from the front end via the admin bar which will display if your site has any orders.

The platform received a security update early in the month too incase anybody was wondering. (Does anybody actually read this far?)

And lastly, a datacenter in LA which hosts our email servers suffered a power outage on 30/3 that took email offline for several hours. While I did everything I could to ensure everybody was kept updated on the issue, I understand that it caused many people (including myself) a lot of disruption. No emails were lost during the outage, and emails should have all been delivered and the email service fully restored. I’ve reached out to most people effected already, but if anybody is still experiencing issues do get in touch.

Until next month.