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What is That Website Guy?


That Website Guy’s business website builder has been in development since 2011 with the focus of providing simple tools to build, host, and manage a fully customisable and responsive business website or ecommerce store that looks & works beautifully on all devices, for selling ANYTHING.

We originally offered a service building business websites, but after a high demand for Ecommerce features from local businesses, we now offer an instant, simple, “DIY” solution with a competitive 3-tier subscription package depending on your needs. You can now create your own great looking fully responsive online website in a matter of minutes without any coding knowledge whatsoever!


We literally take care of everything for you: everything from your hosting, right down to the unlimited amount of friendly advice and support should you get stuck at any point – We've got you covered!


When you sign up and choose a plan the first thing you’ll need to do is tell us a few things about the website you want to create. We'll set you up with a free temporary domain too! It will be, and you can easily link up your own domain name later.

Finally you can enter a few basic account details like your username and email address..

Once you’re done, that’s it – you’re in. You can even view your nice new shiny website! It will be a little empty to start with, but that’s where all the fun starts – Adding your pages and products.

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