January Updates

It’s been a busy start to 2017, but there’s also been a lot of progress with the platform and the business in general. A lot of the development updates that happenedĀ in January were included in the last post due to me being so late in posting it and wanting to make sure everything was covered, but since then a few things have happened to note..

First off is the introduction of a new option to display product category “featured images” on the actual product category pages as a header. This new option can be found in the Customiser under “Content > Shop Layout”.

A “bug” was discovered recently where products belonging to sub-categories were displayed on the parent category page when the parent category was set to display both products & sub-categories. Now to be honest this wasn’t really a bug, but thanks to how people have been using the platform it kind of felt like one, especially when there’s not really much need to actually show the sub-categories AND products from those sub-categories on the same page.. So that “bug” was quickly squished and the “Display Both” option on product categories now hides products that belong to sub-categories within that category.

January has also been a big social media month at That Website Guy. Not only did I finally get to change the ‘That Website Guy’ Facebook page URL/Username from “@twgthatwebsiteguy” to simply “@thatwebsiteguy” (which was unavailable when it was first set up), but I’m now finally on Snapchat as “@thatwebsiteguy” too, and will be regularly snapping updates and stories to keep followers in the loop as to what I’m up to.

Lastly, keeping in line with the Social Media theme, there’s a new App in town – say hello to the Instagram Widget App. Available to subscribers of all plans, it does what it says on the tin: adds a widget allowing you to embed your Instagram feed on your website (without needing to connect with any third parties, or even needing the API).

That pretty much wraps up January’s update. Told you I’d keep it short šŸ˜‰