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April Update Notes

Hey everyone. A pretty quiet April development-wise with much of my time being spent on web design thanks to the announcement of our new Free Website Design offer. There have been plenty of bug-fixes and tweaks though.

tl;dr: Free Website Design offer, Bugfixes, Tweaks & Improvements.

Free Website Design offer


Yeah you read that right, you can now get your ‘That Website Guy’ website designed for free for a limited time – no catches.

This offer has actually been running for a while already and I usually mention it to potential customers when they get in touch before making their website, I just decided to make it more official to hopefully sway people who are on the fence and haven’t reached out yet – and also to try and cash in on SEO rankings (fingers crossed 🤞).

It is a genuine offer though, and it’s there to try pad out the showcase with some great looking sites. After-which I’ll be looking to partner with other web design agencies to take on that role. Of course you can always freely design your own websites on the platform too with the Customiser, Page Builder, and even the Custom CSS app at your disposal.

Click here to read more about the offer and claim your free web design.


At the beginning of the month the platform received another security patch, and because of this I refactored the admin panel login page code to be more future-proof. Unfortunately I forgot one tiny tiny thing which broke the login form on sites without custom domains and it went unnoticed for a few days. It wasn’t until I checked the platform’s analytics for a few new free-trial signups that I realised the issue, and at that point it didn’t take me long to figure out the cause and put a fix in place. Please please please get in touch and report any bugs you notice on the platform no matter how insignificant it may seem.

The admin panel dashboard’s new “site privacy” display in the At a Glance section which was added in March incorrectly linked to the development server which has now been fixed.

The Social Login app previously had an issue with avatars pulled from social media profiles sometimes breaking out of their containers in the admin bar – this has now been fixed.

The Customer Wishlists app had a display issue on the Create a list page which has now been fixed along with a few typos on the app’s settings screen.

A bug was fixed which sometimes caused sites on the free trial to show up on the site showcase.

Tweaks & Improvements

Now for the less significant bits…

Admin Panel

As mentioned earlier in this post the admin panel’s login page has been refactored to be more future-proof.

The text editor & title fields in the admin panel (found on edit blog/product/page screens) have been given a little padding so the text no longer sits right up against the side of the container.


Documentation articles have been added to the Knowledge base for the Checkout Field EditorCustomer Wishlists, & Dynamic Pricing apps.

Following on from last month’s changes to, the home site has received even more updates for design, usability, and general improvements.


A new footer has been designed which now includes the latest blog updates, as well as a newsletter subscription box, and more helpful links to key pages.


The recent homepage redesign has also been continued with a new-look testimonials section.


The pricing has been removed from the homepage and now has it’s own page along with an all-new FAQ.


The affiliate program page has been re-written and now also includes a helpful FAQ section.


And the My Account & Showcase browser bars above website screenshots has been updated to be more consistent with the rest of the mockup image styles used on the site.

That’s everything for April – until next month!