What is That Website Guy?
Designing your Website
Managing your Shop
Core Features
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Why That Website Guy?
What is That Website Guy?
That Website Guy’s responsive website builder has been in development since 2011 with the focus of providing a simple, manageable, and fully customisable business website or Ecommerce store that works beautifully on all devices, for selling ANYTHING.
We originally offered a service building business websites, but after a high demand for Ecommerce features from local businesses, we now offer an instant, simple, “DIY” solution with a competitive 3-tier subscription package depending on your needs. You can now create your own great looking fully responsive online website in a matter of minutes without any coding knowledge whatsoever!

We literally take care of everything for you: everything from your hosting, right down to the unlimited amount of friendly advice and support should you get stuck at any point – We've got you covered!


When you sign up the first thing you’ll need to do is enter a few basic details like your username and email address..

Next you can tell us a few things about the website you want to create. We’ll set you up with a free temporary domain too! It will be https://thatwebsiteguy.net/YOURSITE, and you can easily link up your own domain name later.
Finally we’ll need to verify you’re not a spam-bot, so we ask you to check your email and click the verification link in the email we sent you.
Once you’re done, that’s it – you’re in. You can even view your nice new shiny website! It will be a little empty, but that’s where all the fun starts – Adding your pages and products.
Designing your Website

Designing Your Website

Designing a professional website is easy with That Website Guy! Simply select a style and customise to your heart's content!

We've built just about every option into a live customisation experience so you can see how the changes will look live as you make them.

There's also responsive buttons so you can see how your site looks on desktop, tablet, and mobile with the click of a button.


Widgets & Menus

Widgets are little chunks of content that can be included in your site template - like a login box, search bar, or Shop Cart contents.
Menus are used to help visitors navigate your site.
Adding widgets and menus can also be done through the live customiser. Rearranging widgets and menus is as simple with drag and drop.

Page Builder

It's now super-simple to design great pages for your website with our brand new Page Builder tool, which allows you to build pages directly from the front-end of your site using drag & drop to insert content modules, rows, and columns directly into your page.
We've included a selection of useful content modules from a basic text box or image - to slideshows, tabbed sections, and more.
Rows and columns can also be given background images, colours, or videos, and even utilise the ever-popular parallax effect.
Managing your Shop

Managing Your Shop

Managing your shop is simple, and is only getting simpler. You can do it anywhere/anytime thanks to our responsive admin panel, meaning you can work on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, even your mobile!

We give you the power and control to sell just about anything beautifully. That includes simple things like art pieces, virtual items like software, and even variable products like t-shirts with different colours and size options.

You can choose manage stock and inventory levels, as well as taxes and shipping rates which will all be automatically worked out for your customers.

Taking Payments



We support PayPal Standard Payments, which is one of the most popular and most trusted Payment Gateways in use online all over the world, allowing you to receive payments instantly from anywhere and have the funds transferred into your bank account the same day!

Once your customer adds an item to their shopping cart and then proceeds to checkout, they will enter a billing and/or shipping address, and then be transferred over to PayPal’s Secure server to complete the transaction, where they will enter their Credit Card Details (or PayPal username & Password if they have one), and then be returned back to your website once Payment is complete.

A PayPal account is Free, and the only fees for accepting payments using this Gateway start at just 3.4% + £0.20 per transaction for UK customers. No monthly fees or minimum usage, that’s it. (Source)


Cheque / Cash on delivery

As standard we also allow you to accept payments via Cheque/Postal order, and Cash on delivery – not that anybody these days uses cheques any more, but it’s great for testing the checkout process.


We support the Stripe payment gateway for customers on our Pro package plan with an SSL certificate. Stripe allows you to accept card payments directly on your site avoiding any potential confusion and boosting your professional image. Stripe also boasts cheaper fees for UK merchants, as low as 1.4% + 20p. Payments get transferred to your bank on a 7-day rolling basis. (Source)



We now also support the 2Checkout payment gateway for customers on our Pro package plan with an SSL certificate. 2Checkout allows you to accept card payments inline on your site meaning customers never have to leave your site.

Core Features

Core Features

We’ll go into why That Website Guy has absolutely everything you need to build and grow your business online in more detail below.

Here are a few key features:

Easy to use interface

From adding pages and products to managing orders, it couldn’t be simpler with That Website Guy. You can even manage your website on the go with our responsive admin panel!


Stunning Responsive Design

Easily customise just about any part of your design with an instant preview. We pride ourselves on making sure our websites are fully responsive so they also look and work beautifully on any device – from Laptops and Netbooks to Tablets and Smart Phones!

Live Page Builder

It's now easier than ever to build attractive sales pages - thanks to our brand new drag-and-drop front-end page builder. It even comes packed with a selection of pre-filled templates that you can work from.


Advanced Graphical Reporting

Get a birds-eye view of your shop's performance or drill down to check out reports per month, per product category or even per individual product. Fully featured in-house reports, as well as Google Analytics Integration.


We offer tons of exciting apps for your website to make it more functional and tailored exactly to your needs.



You get an unlimited amount of free support so you can be sure there's always someone to help if you ever need it.

7 Day Free Trial

Try before you buy - Test out our site builder free for 7 whole days. No payment details required.

Fully Hosted


Shop Installation Wizard

Comprehensive Store Management

Easy Shopping Cart

Easy Checkout

Discounts & Coupons

Customer Login & Account Panel

Affiliate Program

Revisioning System

Unlimited Product Options

Automatic Stock Control

Built on WordPress

Intricate Tax & Shipping Options

Shipping Calculator

Marketing & Promotion Tools

Domain Mapping

Product Images & Galleries

Product Attributes

Powerful Order Processing

Related Products & Up Selling

Product Filtering

Product Ratings & Reviews

Variable Product Support

7 Day Free Trial

Try before you buy - Test out our site builder free for 7 whole days. No payment details required.

Apps List

Basic Apps


Custom CSS

A live CSS editing tool for adding custom styling.


Google Analytics Integration

Adds Integration with Google Analytics for tracking code to be inserted into website pages.


Instagram Widget

A widget for displaying your latest Instagram photos in a gallery feed.


McAfee Secure Integration

Provides integration with McAfee to display the McAfee SECURE trustmark on your website, increasing visitor confidence and conversion rates.

Name Your Price

Allow customers to set their own price for simple or variable products or accept donations with options to set minimum and suggested prices.


Page Restrict

Allows you to restrict certain pages only to logged in users.



Support for Caching, Minifying, and CDNs.


Print Invoices & Delivery Notes

Customise and print Invoice & Packing lists for customer orders.


Sales Report Email

Receive a daily, weekly, or monthly Sales Report summary Email.


SEO Meta Tags

Add custom meta tags to your website for better search engine optimisation. Also includes support for Facebook's Open Graph, and Twitter Cards.


Shipment Tracking

Add tracking numbers to orders allowing customers to track their orders via a link.


Social Sharing

Adds social sharing buttons to Posts, Pages, and Products. Allow visitors to share content with Facebook, Twitter, and many more.


Solve Media Captcha Integration

Provides integration with Solve Media's anti-spam solutions.


VigLink Integration

Monetise the links on your site with VigLink & earn extra revenue.

Widget Visibility

Control what pages each of your widgets appear on.

Pro Apps

All of the Basic Apps, Plus:


2Checkout Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway for accepting on-site credit/debit card payments using 2Checkout.


Product Badges & Labels

Create badges & labels for your products to increase visibility, add information, and increase conversion rates.


Product Enquiry Form

Adds an enquiry form tab to certain product pages which allows customers to contact you about a product.


Product Gallery Slider

Transform product galleries into a responsive slider.


Products Per Page

Creates a front-end "Products Per Page" dropdown box on your shop catalog pages.


Stripe Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway for accepting on-site credit/debit card payments using Stripe.

Ultimate Apps

All of the Basic & Pro Apps, Plus:


Advanced Shipping

Advanced Shipping allows you to configure advanced shipping conditions with conditional logic!


Catalog Visibility Options

Provides the ability to hide prices, or show prices only to authenticated users. Provides the ability to disable Ecommerce functionality by disabling the cart.


Checkout Addons

Create paid optional addons or extras for your shop checkout.


Checkout Field Editor

Add, Remove, and modify fields shown on your shop checkout page.


Customer Wishlists

Allow your customers to add your products to a Wishlist to share or buy later.


Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing lets you configure dynamic pricing rules for products, categories, and members. Offer bulk discounts, role-based pricing, and much more.


Facebook Messenger

Allow your customers to contact you easily via Facebook Messenger.


Force Sells

Allows you to select products to be used as force-sells, which are items that get added to the cart automatically along with other items.


Sell memberships that provide access to restricted content, products, discounts, and more!


One Page Checkout

Supercharge your checkout process by showing cart, checkout, and pay all on one page.


Points and Rewards

Reward your customers for purchases and other actions with points which can be redeemed for discounts on new purchases.



Allows you to display a fancy popover box to visitors. An effective way of advertising a mailing list or special offer on your website.


Product Addons

Add extra options to products which the customer can select. Addons can be checkboxes, a select box, or custom input. Each option can be given a price which is added to the cost of the product.


Product Tab Manager

Add new tabs to products in the catalog. Manage existing tabs & set up global tabs to apply to all products.


Product Waitlist

Enables customers to request an email notification when an out-of-stock product comes back into stock.


Shopping Cart Reports

Keep track of Abandoned, Open, and Converted Carts.


Social Login

One-click registration and login via social networks including Facebook, Google, and Twitter.


Subscription Payments

Sell products and services with recurring payments in your store.



£16 per month
  • 250MB Storage Space
  • Ecommerce Shop (Up to 10 Products)
  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Basic Apps
  • Blog
  • Fully Hosted
  • Full Support
  • No Ads & No Transaction Fees

For small sites or those starting out.

7 day completely free trial!


£26 per month
  • 500MB Storage Space
  • Ecommerce Shop (Unlimited Products)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Pro Apps
  • Blog
  • Fully Hosted
  • Full Support
  • No Ads & No Transaction Fees

Go Unlimited!


£36 per month
  • 1GB Storage Space
  • Ecommerce Shop (Unlimited Products)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Ultimate Apps
  • Blog
  • Fully Hosted
  • Full Support
  • No Ads & No Transaction Fees

The ULTIMATE package.

Full of optional extras.


Email Accounts

Get an Email account (name@yourdomain.com):

£2.50 per month.
£30 £20 per year.

SSL Certificate

Secure your site with an SSL Certificate
and get "https://" with the green padlock:

From £15 per year.


Extra Storage Space

Need more space? Add an extra
1GB media storage space:

£2 per month.
£24 £20 per year.

Why That Website Guy?

Why choose us? It’s a very good question actually~

Always easy to use

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our platform is as simple and easy-to-use as possible. We’re always thinking up new ways to simplify things further!

We offer an incredibly simple 1 Page product listing tool, so it takes just a few minutes to add a product, not hours.

Stunningly Responsive Style

A lot of effort has been put into developing a stylish, fully responsive, and fully customisable theme engine, making sure sites look amazing on all devices – from PCs to Mobiles, and even Tablets!

We’ve made it as customisable as possible so that every website can look unique.

Search Engine Optimised

We make sure every website is Google-friendly, ensuring you have a good chance of ranking well so people can find you easier.

You can be sure your website is equipped for success with plenty of search engine friendly elements and powerful marketing tools.


We’re always bringing out optional apps that extend the functionality of your website, with our fully featured click-and-play apps for those little extra bits that not everybody will want – like a customer wishlist, or social media share buttons.

Instant Results

Unlike other developers who will make you wait several weeks for a functioning website (that you might not even like) we promise instant results! With just a few simple clicks of a button you could have your own website set up and running with your first few products LIVE within 30 minutes!

And if you don’t like what we offer? That’s what the 7 day free trial is for!


We’re always around, if you ever need us for anything (even just a friendly reassuring chat) just drop us a line.

Either use the form on the Contact page, or open up a support ticket.

Help is ALWAYS at hand here at That Website Guy!

From the founder:

I’ve spent several years working as a website designer/developer in Norfolk, creating websites for various local small businesses – most of which already had websites set-up with other “Professional” big-name companies.

After taking one look at many of these big-name sites, I was appalled.. They looked awful!

The “Back-end” Admin panels were a disgrace too, with terrible usability and over-complicatedness (One service provider actually made the client go through and submit several pages in several different sections on the website just to add a single product to the store, taking hours!).
I’d love to name and shame but it’s really not good ethics – these service providers are only trying to make a living – just like us.

But the bottom line is competition is healthy for everyone. We can provide a similar service (better in most cases) than these “Big name” companies – and we can give you a pretty good deal on it too.

If you’re currently with another “YOUR WEBSITE HERE” company and you’re not happy with what you’re paying for, get in touch and we’ll see if we can out-do them for you.

7 Day totally free no obligation trial.
We won't even take your credit card info...