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September Update Notes

Hey everyone! Quite an eventful September with several new sites popping up on the platform (check out the showcase and be sure to follow on Instagram 😏), however not much to report development wise as preparations are still being made for the upcoming release of a whole bunch of new apps. Regardless, here’s the low-down..

Several styling fixes have been put in place for the site so that it looks and works better on smaller screens and tablets.

A bug has been fixed that prevented some icons appearing on the tabs in the “Add/Edit Product” page in the site admin.

Documentation has been added for the Memberships app on the Ultimate plan.

And a whole load of server optimisation has been carried out. A ton of bad bots have been blocked from accessing the platform, rate limiting rules have been tweaked, and a new intelligent firewall has been activated which can block bad actors before they even act. All this immediately released a lot of strain on the servers and means they can now perform much faster and more smoothly.

That’s all for September! If anybody experiences any issues on the platform please do get in touch.