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We’re closing in fast on the end of 2017 and there’s still so much more to be done! Last week saw the much-anticipated Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and we joined in on the action with a special offer of a free domain with any yearly plan. Thanks to the success of this offer I’ve decided to extend it throughout the holiday season, so if you’re reading this and need a website built do get in touch to claim it.

I’ve spent the majority of November working on a huge development update which is due to drop at some point in December. One lucky customer got special early access to much of the updates (his website is on a private server) and so far everything seems to be working perfectly. Having said that some updates have been pushed to the platform in November in preparation:

A few days ago the platform core received an important security update to patch a few potential exploits.

The McAfee Secure Integration app also got an update to fix a bug with the settings page no longer displaying due to McAfee Secure’s API being updated, as well as add in a few new features from their services.

Back to the main site (, the Showcase & My Account pages have both had minor updates too. All site screenshots have been updated to more recent snapshots of each site, the My Account dashboard now also uses these assigned screenshots, and for those sites which don’t have screenshots assigned and use the fallback live screenshot method a fallback placeholder image has been added which fixes the 404 issue for missing image which appeared while the snapshot image was being generated. The My Account dashboard will also now only list sites you’re an administrator of instead of any sites you’re a member of (before now if you were a customer or subscriber of another site that site would also appear here as well as sites you run).

And lastly I’ve finally managed to snap up the domain! This is pretty big as I’ve been trying to grab that domain for several years now, and it opens doors for a potential expansion in the future, and possibly splitting the platform into UK & US versions with currency options. For now though it’ll just redirect back to the .net domain.

That’s it for November! See you all next month.