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August seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of progress made along the way. It’s the first month I decided to write a list of tasks I’d like to complete by the time the month is up. Barely half of the list was crossed off by the end of it due to all the client work that popped up, complications with some of the items, and just plain underestimating the time each task would take. Regardless, here’s what’s new in August..

Server Updates

August saw the launch of a brand new server dedicated to just one of my customers. That customer’s site grew too large for the platform so we decided the best solution would be migrating his website to a new server. This is the first time in the history of the company that we’ve done anything like this, and it opens the doors for similar manoeuvres in the future.

That Website Guy also finally has it’s own dedicated IP address, making it much easier to hook up domains to the platform without having to wait for support staff to finish the connection behind-the-scenes as was the previous method using nameservers. We’ve also updated our nameservers to use the domain. Don’t worry if you haven’t updated, there’s no need at all as the old nameservers will still continue to work just fine.

Core Updates

Following on from the huge wave of platform core updates last month, there has been several more updates made.

Page Builder

The page builder’s audio module has been updated so that it now gives you the option to display a playlist widget for a single track instead of just a single track widget.

Domain Mapping Admin Page

Thanks to the acquisition of a dedicated IP for the platform and brand new nameservers, the instructions on the Domain Mapping admin page have been updated.

Also thanks again to the dedicated IP we’re now trialling an integration with domain name provider eNom allowing you to purchase domain names directly from your admin panel.

Site Subscriptions

We’ve gone over and updated the site subscription processes running on the platform that allow site owners to make payments and keep their websites on the platform running. The main focus of this update was bugfixes:

  • Make minimum coupon discount £0.01 to avoid breaking checkout.
  • Fixed issue with checkout gateway – Site expiry for recurring subscriptions.
  • Thank you message not displayed for the gateway.
  • Show errors on respective gateway tabs.
  • Do not show trial message for free signups.
  • Updated checking mechanics to see if a site has been paid for.
  • Possible fix for sites not being assigned paid status sometimes.
  • Fixed fatal error on expired sites in specific circumstances.
  • Email sometimes not sent after checkout with Stripe.

These updates should solve almost all of the issues we’ve experienced with site subscriptions over the past several months.

That’s all there is this month.